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        Published February 7, 2021
Egyptian New Years
Sasquatch Donuts
Who Dat premiere
Mostly Nervous
Buddy's soulful moment
Please Be McLennon


        Published April 19, 2021
Morning Stretch
Joni's Still Night 
Who Dat Skidman
D&D Avenue
 Poor Little Sheely

        Published June 30, 2021
Make A Plan
The Skids Are Tainted 
Ghostly Gettysburg
Cousins Know Everybody
 Mikester Is Indoors
The Wandering Lewis

        Published September 6, 2021
McLennon Sows the Seeds
Jackson Elks 
Ripping Up The Chalet
The Cutlet Clip
Joni Makes Believe
No Joking
Chubby Spends The Night
Don't Call Me, I'll Call You


        Published October 22, 2021
Contact The Wolf
Jelvis Meets Joni
Joni Turns Blue 
Spirit of Joel Lee
Dark Grass
Folsom Wizard


        Published December 31, 2021
Skid Mark Perfume
Chokies Long Boat Ride
Mustang Joni
Alice's Panties 
Roll Over Jelvis
Dirty McLennon
Fluke's Present


        Published February 27, 2022
Rock And Roll Will Never Die
Up Above Jelvis
Investigating Evil
Chubby's Hop 
City Council
Here Comes Joni
Annual Cleaning Day
Who'll Stop McLennon
Back Door Wolf


        Published May 7,  2022
Wolf McGregor
Bring It Mossy
All Joni Wants 
Come And Get Some Crows
Slim Bully
Time To Go

        Published July 17,  2022
Ort's Barbeque
McLennon Finally Washes
Run To Baird
Bax's New Shoes
Joni's Tainted
Searching For Danger 
Jelvis Keeps A-Rollin'
Mark Is All Around
Deck Inspector


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