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Over the years we have had many Skid Mark items either as give-aways
or for sale at our shows.  How do you get them????
You never know when there might be something new


Here's some swag you missed
(unless you already have it!!)

Skid Marks
Original Recordings

In our live shows we recreate the tunes from the 50's & 60's
but we have also recorded our own music and on occasions have played this live.

We have two original music CD's available.
Cost for a CD is $10, shipping $5.
Send a message to Mark to work out the details if you would like one.
Either Paypal or a check will be accepted.

Email to Mark

Mark & The Skid Marks
Barony SK20011

2001 release
1. Where Cool Was Born
2. That Girl
3. (I Know My Baby Loves Me) In Her Own Peculiar Way
4. On Your Way Out
5. Bigfoot Stole My Wife
6. You're So Fine
7. C.O.D (If You Want My Love)
8. Teach Me
9. Classy Chassis
10. Old Western On The Tele


Links To YouTube
Where Cool Was Born (live)

That Girl (CD version)
Bigfoot Stole My Wife (live)

The Skid Marks In The Snow
Barony BA27026

2019 release
1. All Alone Tonight
2. Wild About You
3. Change Of Heart
4. Lifetime Without You
5. Glorious Day
6. 508 To Arizona
7. Summertime
8. Cuddle Bunny
9. Fiji Kula Girl
10. Sleeping Single
11. Fine True Love
12. Summertime Song
13. Skid Marks In The Snow

Links To YouTube
Fine True Love (live)

Sleeping Single (live)
Skid Marks In The Snow (CD version)



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