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Here you will find the episodes the Skid Marks created during
the quarantine here in Massachusetts. Like most of us
in the state we found ourselves looking for things to do since
we were unable to get together to play. This is the result.

        Published April 23, 2020
Morning Coffee
A Hard Days Sun
Cooking With Dan
Bass Solo
 Jelvis is happy
Joel's guitar gently weeps

Published May 3, 2020
Confusing Beatles Songs
Get Out Of Bed
Fairmount 1989
Yard Sale
Joni turns us on
Guest in my house
McLennon's  girl

Published May 14, 2020
Fox At McLennon Acres
Both Sides of Joni
Melvis dreams
Double Bass
Buddy's Caroline
Big E Standing There

Published May 27, 2020
Joni say Hi
Buddy strums Everyday
Jelvis is cooking
Bigfoot stole McLennons' wife
Buddy's confusing submarine
Jelvis goes blue

Published June 5, 2020
All things Green
Jelvis dances
McLennon gets cuddly
Buddy on Bourbon Street
Distorted peddles
Joni has the key 


Published June 21, 2020
Jelvis goes to the Moon
Joni is Lonely
Come Home Screamin'
Can't Help It
Lady Bullfighters
'Nanner Sandwich
Tenderized Joplin

Published July 16, 2020
McLennon Shaves
Dennis & Dirk
A Class Act
Joni Ghosts us
Joel Lee Hits the Drag
Jelvis Takes His Wiener out
Space Force

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